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What was the Brief?

THIS™ has fast become one of the UK’s leading plant-based chicken and bacon alternative brands, often being dubbed ‘the most realistic’ on the market. When This™ first launched into the UK market with limited budget and resources, they partnered with PBN to increase brand awareness and grow their social media presence. PBN conducted a series of 3 giveaways over a 6 month period, which were accompanied by several promotional articles to generate further brand awareness, which were all shared on PBN social channels.

how did we do?

Reach from 3 giveaways impressions
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What our client says

Sophia Halberstam
Marketing Manager


(5 of 5) Perfect!

“It has been fantastic partnering with Giuseppe, Robbie & the rest of the PBN team and they’ve been incredibly supportive of our brand. We’re really selective about whom we run competitions with and are very happy with the increase in brand awareness and engagement as a result of the PBN giveaway”

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