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Plant Based News is a multi-award-winning resource creating awareness about ethical consumerism, sustainability and the plant-based lifestyle. With a combined reach of 70 million people per month, a social following of 2.6 million followers and a dedicated creative agency, we can create a custom campaign to share your product or brand with our highly engaged audience.

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we are Plant Based News.

We are a global, multi-platform and award winning news, media and entertainment company. The go-to source for vegan news, culture and plant-based educational health content to a passionate and dedicated audience around the globe. Our total multi-platform audience generates: 70+ MILLION MONTHLY IMPRESSIONS.

who are Plant Based News readers?

Our highly-engaged and targeted readership breaks down into the following demographics:

*Source: PBN Demographic Survey : Social Analysts Nov 2021

are plant-based


are female


take supplements


are from USA


are from UK

What We do.

PBN is a multi-platform digital media publisher, working across a range of formats for both news and brand campaigns. We can share your products with our highly-engaged audience via:

The products we offer








Display Ads



The power of  social media.

PBN has the largest combined social media following in the vegan news media and health education niche. Our highly-curated, 24/7 social media service reaches people in every corner of the world (including a significant celebrity following!).


monthly engagements
Example: PBN's YouTube account

Powerful & Shareable Video Content To Reach Thousands.

Use the power of the moving image to connect our targeted audience with your exciting brand. Visuals pack a punch, drawing people from around the world into your unique story.



Creatively written Advertorial to Highlight your brand story.

Use good old-fashioned words to tell your story: whether it’s a punchy news story, or a long-form feature, we can craft the perfect vehicle to connect with our readers.

website performance

per month
New website’s
Example: PBN burger campaign

Native display Ads.

Make the most of our 5 million monthly page impressions with our banner ads. Designed by our in-house creative team, this is the ultimate way to improve brand awareness.



Host Your Social Ads On PBN [FOR FREE!*]

The PBN platform hosts affiliate marketing for brands. With a suitable social media ad budget, we can guarantee results hosting your social media ads on our platform instead of yours! This offers a number of advantages. Leverages the engaged power of our targeted audience, whilst appearing in a highly contextual fashion within the plant-based conversation, thereby increasing conversions.

We spent on
social media ads
We generate
in total revenue.

Our E-mail  Marketing Campaigns Hit The Mark.

Every week, our newsletter is sent directly to the inboxes of more than 55,000 highly-engaged readers. And we can further target who we’re sending to - crafting the perfect audience for your message.

campaign performance



Results that speak for themselves.

Centre For Nutrition Studies

(5 of 5) Perfect!

T. Colin Campbell's Centre For Nutrition Studies created the Plant Based Nutrition certificate backed by eCornell University. They came to PBN as were interested in generating more traffic for the course, which we assisted with via exposure through our social media platforms and website.

"We've developed a great partnership with Plant Based News. They generated over 10,000 email addresses for us when we wanted extra promotion for our online courses.”

Jenny Miller, Executive Director
Centre For Nutrition Studies

Viva! Adverts & Content

(5 of 5) Perfect!

Viva! is a charity focusing on promoting veganism. PBN provides creative services for Viva! and has been responsible for some of their most succesful campaigns to date, including a cinema ad and viral social media videos.

“PBN are always a delight to work with. They are very efficient, creative and understanding of the briefs we give them. The video advert they produced reached well over a million people, and the more recent social media COVID-19 ad was recently nominated for an award. They've also helped with cinema ads (before COVID of course!) and billboards - and we plan to keep working with them for years to come!”

Juliet Gellatley


(5 of 5) Perfect!

Veganuary is a UK non-profit organisation that encourages people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. Veganuary approached PBN to help maintain sign-ups throughout the entire year following their successful 2020 campaign. PBN agreed a monthly retainer for 6 months sharing several pieces of content on instagram, facebook, twitter, and the newsletter.

“Working with Plant Based News to promote our content and stories has been really productive for us, driving traffic to our website and sign-ups to our 31-day vegan pledge. They are very professional and took the time to understand our objectives (sign-ups rather than just brand awareness) and to explain the type of content that they knew would perform well on their platforms. I highly recommend working with them!”

Toni Vernelli
Head of Communications and Marketing


(5 of 5) Perfect!

Switch4good is a non-profit organization focusing on educating people, especially athletes, about the benefits of a dairy-free lifestyle. Switch4good approached PBN to increase brand awareness through a monthly fixed retainer agreement lasting 1 year, occasionally adding additional budget for certain campaigns.

"Our relationship with Plant Based News has expanded our brand reach remarkably in the last year. The crew at PBN is sharp and they think outside the box, pushing buttons in people and in concepts that few have the courage to do and the results land on the champions podium every single time."

Dotsie Bausch
Executive Director

Million Dollar Vegan

(5 of 5) Perfect!

Million Dollar Vegan is a well established non-profit that approached PBN originally to promote a one-off campaign for January 2020, however due to the huge success of the campaign, decided to maintain a partnership on a monthly retainer basis to continue brand promotion for 6 months.

“Working with PBN to share valuable information and news of our campaigns has not only been a very beneficial experience for us as an organization, but an effortless one as well. The PBN team stays in regular contact, to guide me on how we can effectively engage their wide audiences and get the best results out of our partnership. If you’re looking for a news platform that works to understand your organization, and that takes initiative in helping you to meet your objectives, then PBN is it.”

Naomi Hallum
Managing Director
Million Dollar Vegan


(5 of 5) Perfect!

THIS™ has fast become one of the UK’s leading plant-based chicken and bacon alternative brands, often being dubbed ‘the most realistic’ on the market. When This™ first launched into the UK market with limited budget and resources, they partnered with PBN to increase brand awareness and grow their social media presence. PBN conducted a series of 3 giveaways over a 6 month period, which were accompanied by several promotional articles to generate further brand awareness, which were all shared on PBN social channels.

“It has been fantastic partnering with Giuseppe, Robbie & the rest of the PBN team and they’ve been incredibly supportive of our brand. We’re really selective about whom we run competitions with and are very happy with the increase in brand awareness and engagement as a result of the PBN giveaway”

Sophia Halberstam
Marketing Manager

Applewood Cheese

(5 of 5) Perfect!

Dairy giant Applewood cheese™ partnered with Plant Based News to promote it’s now best-selling dairy-free smoked cheese. The campaign consisted of a number of recipe videos produced by our talented production team, that were hosted on our YouTube channel. Editorial articles, as well as instagram and facebook posts were also part of the highly successful campaign.

“Our partnership with PBN has definitely been fundamental to the success of the product. It’s doing so well now I’m pulling any advertising for the next few months as we can’t keep up with demand!! Would love to work with you guys again next year – we may have another product by then too!”

Lisa Harrison
Senior Brand Manager
Norseland Ltd

meet the PBN team

Klaus Mitchell
Founder & Co-Director
Robbie Lockie
Co-Founder & Co-Director
Shamsa Rana
Chief Operating Officer
Jade Sehbat
Head of Sales & Partnerships
Giuseppe Federici
Social Media Manager
Darrell Sawczuk
Social Media & Community Outreach
Sio Tsvetanov
Account Manager
Emily Baker
News Writer
Jemima Webber
News Writer
Tom Leach
Tech Support
Louisa Richards
Health Lead
Phil Marriot
Podcast Editor & Audio Engineer
Caroline Burgess-Pike
Public Relations

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